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5G Networking Solutions

We will boost
your network

With the world's first FPGA-native Secured Data Processing Unit.


Industry leading Latency

Sub-microsecond network processing latency allows support for V2X, IIoT, URLLC channels and medical applications.

Reduced risk

Our unique solution provides centralized control, packet authentication, management and orchestration of in-field deployments.

Improved capability

Data-plane processing structure grants a highly scalable system with user billing, data forwarding, firewall proficiency and massive bandwidth capabilities. 

Increased efficiency

Our efficient architecture operates at low power consumption, small physical footprint and minor thermal requirements, saving on data center and usage costs.


Our data processing structure enables unmatched subscriber density. Supports millions of subscribers and flows. 
Developed for high-performance and low-latency 5G deployments, designed on cutting edge Xilinx FPGA technology. 

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With improved capabilities and incomparable performance, ENQUANTUM aims to solve the explosive growth of 5G network bandwidth and scale. Enabling reduced carbon footprint, with accelerated low-cost 5G solution.

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Accelerate your 5G network
with Enquantum’s DPU


The best is yet to come

Our exceptional team assembled from innovative, bright, open - minded experienced professionals and technologically driven founders.

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